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Two-Pack Primers

Jotamastic 90 is a two-pack surface tolerant, abrasion resistant, high solids, polyamine cured epoxy mastic coating which may be applied in a wide range of film thicknesses. Available with different hardeners for various substrate temperatures, Standard (Std) and Wintergrade (WG). This product is part of a complete system which is certified not to spread flames.

This product is tintable in a wide range of colours in Jotuns Multicolour Industry system. Small colour variations may occur when changing between the two curing agents.
Next generation epoxy mastic for improved performance and productivity


  • Improved hiding power and accurate final colour in fewer coats 
  • Color availability for systems without topcoat
Improved coating systems efficiency
  • Fast curing 
  • Safe application at wide temperature range 
  • Wide DFT range
Surface Tolerant
Specially designed for areas where optimum surface preparation is not possible or desired, and therefor ideal for maintenance & repair.
Durable solution in harsh environments
Excellent film formation on pitting rust and aged coatings  

Jotamastic 90 offers a range of variants for special usage situations where further enhancement of key features is needed.

  • Aluminium: for extra barrier effect in extreme environments and Improved resistance to cathodic disbonding if direct to steel contact.
  • Glass flake : for increased abrasion resistance
  • MIO:  Micaceous Iron Oxide for increased barrier effect and abrasion resistance
For use in a wide range of solutions

  • Direct to metal
  • As midcoat on zinc primers
  • Immersed service

Available 5L pack.

Application method : Brush, roller, conventional air spray, high pressure airless spray
Drying time : 6 hours @ 23c
Coverage : 6-8 sq. metres per litre using brush or roller
Coats: 2
Thinner : No 17
Water resistance : Excellent
Flexibility : Good
Gloss level : Semi-Gloss
Gloss retention : Fair
Chemical Resistance : Very Good
Abrasion Resistant Very Good
Solvent Resistant Good
Pot Life 2 hours @23c

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